Going Round As Companions Eternal

Thank you to benevolent beings for assisting all who accept becoming and recalling more than they ever imagined. More loved, more respected, more capable, more nourished, more relaxed, more courageous, more vocal, more brilliant. It is because of recent events in our society that men and women perceive each other and treat each other differently. The road of respect is now open with tolls that decrease each moment and one day will be free and easy.

For instance, when a woman chooses to accuse another of sexual assault, it may feel like it is important to her in the moment and she may be feeling pressure from those around her to press charges. But if the woman were to step back and see the person for who they are now, does she witness the same behavior in which she cries wrong? Or does she see a loving and kind individual who is trying his best to do what he knows to be in sync with the world around him?

Do we employ compassion? And for whom does that compassion take precedence? Must we choose?

If the behavior is happening now, then by all means cry out. “Stop!” and do take whatever steps necessary to stop the crime from taking place. And immediately go to the appropriate channels to assist with deterring the actions from happening in the future. Call in the assistance of benevolent beings from all dimensions and realms. Safety is of the utmost importance. And we must know and recall we are all worthy of safety, healthy personal connections, creation of a peaceful life, love, direct communication and connection with a benevolent source. We are all worthy of expressing the full brilliant version of our self.

But as I write this. I recall that time does not exists. So for the woman who was assaulted years ago, to her the moment is alive and happening to her this very moment. She may have put it aside but sooner or later it rises up as a story told over and over or a pain or condition or disease. So perhaps action should be taken even if it took place days, weeks, months or years prior. And, even though it may be painful and change the life of the perpetrator, it is used as a sign, lesson and message to all those who act the same way to heed warning and to stop what they are doing immediately, lest they experience pain and a change in their way of life. If a one does not listen the first time, they will be told over and over and the truth will be demonstrated over and over – sometimes over many lifetimes until FINALLY the individual chooses truth.

At what point to we stop lashing out and inflicting equal pain on each other? Is it when we finally stop the sabotage of ourselves and others and accept that we are worthy of loving kindness?

I recall a message sent to a family member after a situation took place where a person “unfriended” another. This was my message after sitting with the situation for a bit:
“I had to sit with this conversation for a bit rather than responding emotionally. My chosen response is to say that I love you and always will. But at the same time, many of us have chosen to create healthy boundaries for ourselves to protect us and our loved ones from behavior and words that are less than loving and kind. We are here for you but only when you have fully moved into a space of peace. Know that you are just as worthy of love as anyone else. But it is up to you to accept it and receive it. Perhaps love yourself first. I’ve experienced this first hand. I would constantly self-sabotage relationships because deep down, I did not feel worthy of love. But recently, I discovered that I am worthy. I had to know that first, create healthy boundaries for myself, and then practice loving kindness. Yes, it means keeping a safe distance from some people and situations. But that’s a part of loving myself and keeping myself safe so that I can become who I was always meant to be. The surprising result was that I felt calm and peaceful for the first time without meditation or reaching out for external sources of peace. I know now that I am a peaceful and joyful person. It’s hard some days. But more often than not, I find a little more peaceful joy in each moment.”

Sing this to yourself throughout the day: “maitri karuna mudita upeksha” which are the 4 immeasurables: Loving Kindness/Benevolence/Friendliness, Compassion, empathic joy and equanimity. And follow up the singing by filling a page in a notebook with your name. Do it daily and you will start to transform. It may take years to integrate but know you are worthy of the gifts your soul has for you.”

And so it is. Thank you.


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