Glockenspiel Resonates As Carillon Electric

This is for all the psychics and intuitives out there that claim to help people and to know a person’s past, present or future.  Take care when giving someone a reading. Ask first if the information coming through is truly for or about the individual or if it belongs to someone else.

My personal experience with intuitives varies from somewhat helpful, mildly interesting to outright wrong. Never once has anyone picked up what I consider to be the most impactful parts of my life. Not once. Instead I accept the unexpected gifts. Things like “You are hovering, you need to get grounded” and “You have to let go of the hurt from losing your job.” and “You need to know she has been through torture so severe that if she ever consciously recognized it, it would destroy her.” and “Where would you be if you were connected to source? Ask that daily.” and “You are afraid to be in the spotlight.”

The key to interpreting information is to let it settle and integrate. What pops up immediately may or may not be the correct interpretation. For instance a person may be given the advice to leave their spouse. The immediate interpretation may be divorce when in fact “leaving” may mean a different kind of separation. One interpretation could be to “let go” of the past. Another would be to leave temporarily for the weekend. Another to “leave” alone as in giving the person space. There are so many interpretations. That is where advertising, social media and the like can wreak havoc and create chaos where it is not needed.

What I found to be the most comforting from a heart-centered perspective are talented mediums. Mediums are individuals that are able to help channel and communicate on behalf of loved ones who have died. Why is that? Why is the information from loved ones so helpful? I discussed this a bit with a few people and it was unanimous, “Because it is unconditional love.”

Unconditional love is the language we are not able to express as 3D beings. We are only able to express it from other dimensions. There really are no traditional “words” but there are symbols, visualizations and signs.

When I seek unconditional love I look to dreams, signs, passages in literature, art, films, nature and animals.

Another topic that has come up for me is seeking healing by energy workers. I recently paid for two sessions with a talented energy worker but got completely unexpected benefits and insights.

One of them is: I was reminded that healing comes from within.

Healing cannot come from an external source. even in the case of western medical intervention. A broken bone may need to be reset but it is up to the individual’s healing source from within that heals the fracture. No doctor can do that for anyone. They cannot heal a fracture. All they can do is mechanically align the bone and provide stability to assist the individual. For instance, a broken bone is never going to heal if the person removes the cast and does not rest or take care of themselves.

Take care of yourself and know you are enough. Your body was designed to survive.






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