Guns, Religion And Civil Evolution

What happens when the practice of living in the present moment mixes with a gift to turn things upside down + the curiosity of “what if” + not caring what others think of me + a computer on a quiet Saturday morning = what you’ll read below.

Subtract sugar to dull cognitive function minus the constant distraction of traffic jams minus fear-based work deadlines minus the choice to disconnect from shopping = what you’ll read below.

Guns, Religion and Civil Evolution

A bit about me, just in case you choose to read this with an open mind. I write this from the perspective of a woman who was raised in the 60s/70s in the United States in a family of 7 with upwardly mobile parents, going to Catholic church, and with limited exposure to extended family or older friends due to a constant need of my parents to move to the next place and find something better.


From a purely objective observation, guns are mechanical devices designed to eject a small object with enough force and impact to result in a physical change. This mechanical device is operated by a human being who has the mechanical ability to operate the mechanical device. This human being is operating under a series of forces which are multidimensional. The gun itself is simple. The human being is not.

Religion (as it relates to holidays)

Holidays as an adult irritate me. Not just mildly, but all out major irritation. Sort of like a mild rash that has spread like a wild fire and perhaps even penetrates my internal organs. There is no team of firefighters that can put this fire out. The only source of relief is myself and the choices I make to figure out the source of irritation and slowly, with intrigue and courage,delve into all dimensions to observe and share the view.

My sister and I have always found ways to rebel against holidays in one way or another. In 3rd grade I hid in a closet to avoid going to a religious service. I didn’t know why, other than I just didn’t want to go and didn’t know how to get out of it other than to hide in the coat closet. It worked only as long as it took my parents to find me. Not very effective.

And then my sister discovered becoming too sick to get out of bed as an effective way of getting out of the rote discourse of misconceptions of the holidays.

Lots of other avoidance practices come to mind: anxiety attacks, sabotage through bad-mouthing everyone, moving across the country, having to work, having a husband who works, child activities, lack of money, a child’s illness, road conditions, inoperable vehicles, recipes that go bad, etc. When we don’t know the source of the irritation and need to avoid, we come up with all sorts of escape tactics. It’s quite entertaining. And then there is the inability to say “no.” Why can’t we honor our gut and simply say “no”? I find it fascinating.

Fascinating that it has taken me 56 years to recognize the source of the holiday irritation. It has nothing to do with any of my family or my childhood.

It has everything to do with a lineage of existence and misinterpreted connection with source.

Simply put…A disconnection with source. THE source.

This could lead to a lordy, lordy, God, Jesus thesis but it’s not. Because there is one thing that has always been consistent with me, I have always been able to connect with my truth which is to never follow or believe in any organized religion. To only participate from a social perspective and need to belong to a group of kind people. And we all know that just because people are a part of an organized religion does not make them kind people, it simply gives the horrific pedophiles and mean-spirited people a place where they have an excuse to act the way they do because they feel accepted and forgiven of all their sins. And then they keep doing what they are doing . . . to a supply of individuals who have very weak egos due to the fact that the organized religion has weakened their egos even further than they were before. These individuals, the victims of the mean-spirited narcissists and organized religious beliefs were born as empaths and have the innate ability to see the good in others but also allow people to walk all over them in the name of “serving others” and “helping” and “fixing” and “forgiveness.” For empaths feel the pain of others constantly and either want to fix the pain of others or turn it on themselves and see themselves as the source of the pain. For instance, “I am a bad person therefore I deserve to be treated poorly.” Or the empath may turn the darkness into physical and mental anguish – disease.

The places of worship are the places where holidays are celebrated over and over and over. Where large groups of people congregate, study and collectively participate in the mindless dogma. Add to this the theaters, social media, libraries, media, arenas, auditoriums, collective consciousness etc. and you’ve got a system of magnitude that blows the mind.

Holidays have always irritated me. And as I wrote above, I wasn’t sure why until today.

Civil Evolution

I bring you to a scenario in which we truly embrace loving kindness and stop the blind following of old traditions. Stop celebrating the holidays that are based in fear. Thanksgiving. 4th of July. Veterans Day. Memorial Day. Columbus Day. And any other day that celebrates the winning of a war or a declaration of superiority.

Thanksgiving is a celebration of genocide of native Americans. WTF have we done? And then we call out the individuals who take it upon themselves to use guns to wipe out a group of people. Such hypocrites are we that hold up peace signs and talk about loving kindness but then we honor and celebrate the eradication of millions of people.

Europeans came to North America in search of religious freedom and to operate as a free people but it was also to conquer and take land. To be superior. Superiority is one of the most disturbing concepts. That only a few are worthy of a decent life is completely absurd and not evolved. Which goes back to the misconception that the only way to survive as a species was to be superior and to kill. To kill those which would either “feed us” or competed with us in our fear of survival.

Change the world by taking an honest look at how we function as a civilization. Civil is “Of or relating to citizens and their interrelations with one another.” Civilization is about cooperating and getting along to survive in a civil manner – having advance social organization to live comfortably. Somewhere along the line, fear started to dictate the day. This makes me want to shake my entire body like a dog after a bath.

We seem to thrive off of discomfort and suffering. sure advertising promises if you buy this or that, you are assured a level of ease and comfort but what it seems to be doing is building an intense competition to be better, get more, have more and fear the loss of existence if one does not have constant external validation through “likes” and “stuff.”

Surviving as a 3D being is only a very tiny part of the story.

The concept that we stop existing when we “die” is complete bullshit. Somewhere along the line it became a source of suffering to continue to exist. To experience physical and emotional pain became an annoyance.

And where did the concept of “happiness” become an achievement? Was it with the first recording and sharing of written information? Was it with the first verbal story passed on from generation to generation? When did “happiness” become something to attain as a reward and a throne of proof we are worthy of 3D existence?

Through deduction, a theory evolves out of human kind’s disconnect with themselves as multidimensional beings. Something must have happened where it became a survival mechanism to remain in and only acknowledge the 3D self. To want to “live forever” in the physical body by eradicating others through violence which was supported by religion under the veil of civilization.

Evolution (of myself)

I choose to acknowledge the source of my existence which is now and forever connected with that which has not yet been defined. And I hope it never will be defined. I accept the evolution of myself as a gift of unknown power, grace and mystery.














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