Single Hit In The Park

Have you ever had someone listen to one of your sob stories and then they recommend watching a video? With irritation, you dismiss the recommendation and say to yourself or someone else, “Well, then all she said was to go watch a video.” As if the person should have sobbed along with you or tried to fix the situation with wise advice.

It happened to me a few weeks ago, I signed up for one of those online therapy services and dumped a very heavy load on this therapist I had never met. She responded once with, “I cry for you.” and then the last comment was to watch a video, “I’ve been telling all my clients this week to watch.” I got super pissed off and cancelled the therapy sessions.

But then, do you finally give in and realize that what your friend recommended might just be helpful? You hear about the same video over and over again and figure the suggestions are not going to stop until you give in and watch the damn thing.

And then I did just that, I gave in and re-subscribed to an online streaming service just so I could watch the video. And it was good. I admit in my stubborn rebellion that it was helpful to watch carefully. I found myself feel like I had hit a perfect pitch and made it to first base. I really sucked at sports and it was rare for me to hit a ball, in fact it was more likely for me to get hit BY the ball. You know the feeling? Failing and failing at something but you keep going up to bat because a little voice in your head tells you to participate or the coach and maybe a friend tells you to keep trying.

Cuz sooner or later, after the 1st or 2nd or 100th try, there might finally be a breakthrough that turns everything around.

In a subtle way, watching the video set something in motion. Suddenly, I find myself accepting help with ease. Instead of turning things down in anger and self hatred, I say, “sure, I would like that, thank you.” Could it be?

Could it be that perhaps you are now accepting help that’s been offered to you for decades? Suddenly the switch has been moved one click in the direction of a life of ease? The single hit in the park got you to first base? And now, in order to get to 2nd base, you’re going to have to rely on the help of others to get there. Yes, you’re going to have to pay attention and run like hell to get there.

This comparison to baseball makes me want to stop writing, so I will. I was always the last person chose for any team. But at least I tried. And thus this post.

Thank you for reading. I wish you well and hope that you take the pitch, see the ball, swing the bat and launch yourself into a life of ease. Cuz you are worth every bit of help offered to you. Take it and run with it.







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