Shambles of Hypocrisy and Idiotic Tantrums

Dear reader, On this rainy day, the heaviness of the leaves saturated with moisture mimics the sensations of one who chooses to review the negative side of life. Is it necessary? A resounding “Yes! It is necessary!” for without rain, life withers away. The fullness and bloated feeling is but temporary. Hesitate to compare one to another other than to the grandness of that which absorbs in silence.

The view out the window reveals the grand healthy tree with one limb lifeless. The one limb sacrificed for the life of the whole. There seems to be a balance in the contrast. As the jagged and dark shape juts toward the earth, it gives way to breath and acceptance of what is.

Just the other day, the tree was displaying a tantrum of wild dance. Some branches fell in a heap on the side of the road. It seems the display was necessary in order to shed that which was no longer needed. Some assistants choose to clean up the debris and others choose to let it lie for a while as a reminder of that which we need to let go. Walk around it, judge it, analyze it, ignore it but in some way the impact has an exponential yet subtle effect. Choose not to dwell but to be with it and move on, knowing the knowledge particles embed a peaceful innocence recalled.

Thank you for this moment. May you know the ebb and flow of that which transforms into the feelings you crave most.








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