Surrounding Him In Tenderness

Have you been effected by the events of the past year? Specifically with regard to women calling for loving kindness with regard to their bodies?

When this came about, I thought to myself, “What will my life be like if I am no longer fearful of sexual assault?” “What if I honor myself with healthy boundaries and fully honor myself by enforcing them with everyone?” As it turns out, it’s been surprising.

We know and recognize in all dimensions the divinity within all. And as the 3-dimensional body aligns with the light body there can be a cataclysmic response. As a witness observing without any kind of judgement the show is magical in a mundane sort of way and definitely not worthy any kind of admission fee.

I read a post on a social media site today about the people previously in power feeling afraid now that the marginalized and oppressed are no longer in that state of being. My response to that was that there need not be fear, for those who were previously “superior” in their own definition will experience much loving kindness by those they may have previously treated with less loving kindness than was deserved. Compassion allows us all to open the heart and be that which forgives and recognizes we have all been freed of previous programming. It’s as if the thousands of channels have become a blur of brilliant light in a language that envelopes us all in a soft cloth.

In a more human experience it can be described similar to that which a co-worker did this week, “I no longer want to play video games, it’s as if I’ve grown up.” I interpreted the words like this, “I no longer find a need for constant distraction and feel safe enough to breathe for the first time in my life since the day I was born.”

The addictions, everything from over-eating to drugs to alcohol to shopping, help us to feel safe in a world that is less than loving and kind. We stop breathing in the state of fear. And then once the threats dissipate, we find the breath of life returning.

There are no words and the mind cannot grasp the essence of what it is like to live in a loving and kind world. But we are changing, the human experience is changing.

So the next time you think of the person who wronged you in the past, surround him or her in tenderness.

Thank you for reading this.


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