Self hatred instigated by trauma

Thoughts on the status of the country. Or at least the illusion of the essence of what the country appears to be according to some people on social media. If what some are saying is true then we are a huge personification of an extremely traumatized group of individuals. So traumatized in our youth that we have forgotten that we are loved.

And when that happens, when a large number of people gather together in the oblivious state of feeling unloved, what we get is self sabotage and other acts of self hatred. In our infancy as a country we found ourselves traumatized at such a young age that we never learned self love. We assumed, since infancy, in order to survive we must be the victims and take the poison and put up with the assaults. Because, as traumatized individuals will tell you, sometimes submitting to the maltreatment equals self preservation and survival.

BUT . . . and this is an ALL CAPS BOLD BUT . . . suddenly we find ourselves enlightened and recall that we have been loved all along. The illusion of simply surviving instead of thriving becomes the lie.

Forget about what started it all. It doesn’t matter at this point. What matters is the awareness, acceptance, forgiveness, creation of healthy boundaries and honoring those healthy boundaries consistently. In the dementia called survival we forgot that we indeed are here in this 3D form to thrive. And we do that by embracing all dimensions of ourselves, the dimensions that create and thrive and genuinely love.

Only then, when we know we are the source of that which we submerge ourselves in, will we experience a difference currently not defined or imagined.

Collectively, if we recognize and remember our divine brilliance, then we will always and forever surround ourselves in loving kindness. Our divine brilliance is not external. It does not come from an entity worshiped in places of preaching. For some, it is and will remain necessary to assign the task of unconditional love and kindness and punishment to an external source. And that’s ok. I’m not saying the external source is not real. What I am trying to say is that when one recognizes and takes responsibility for the self, huge shifts take place. Amazing.

Be amazing. Recognize now that this moment is compromised of all the moments ever experienced. Recognize the power we all have inside us to transform the effects of those experiences into an energy so immense, that just to harness it will generate waves unlike we have have ever known. Waves of humanity. Look into your eyes the next time you brush your teeth. Be with it and know it is so.

It is possible right now to accept, forgive, create healthy boundaries and honor those boundaries in a sort of organized chaos that catapults us all into cooperative harmony. Not like a woo woo cult. But in a very simple way similar to a wise newborn looking into the eyes of a loving caregiver and trusting that all is ok.

No need to predict the future or relive the past. The only purpose in this moment is to know we are loved. The kind of intrinsic love that is demonstrated constantly by the simple action of being, breathing, regenerating and creating.

Thank you for reading this post.

One a side note: some writing is driven by a sugar hangover and tend to be more passionate. Not sure what that is about.













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