Swindled by Hierarchical Iterations of Torture

It is a passion of mine to help all know they are loved and loving. And so it is.

A card drawn for me yesterday “A Life Changing Epiphany or Experience. It is a time of big and blessed change for you. And God is supporting you each step of the way.” Lapis Lazuli is the crystal and the image is indigo with a gold glowing sword point down, inserted into a dark-cloaked figure, at the point of insertion which is hidden there is a burst of light. The sword has wings and there is an emerald in the handle. There is also a glowing gold light coming out of the lower spine of the dark-cloaked figure as it seems to be the start of shattering the cloak.

What epiphany or life changing experience is happening? I read a book “Dream New Dreams” by Jai Pausch whose husband became famous when he gave a speech about living as he was dying of pancreatic cancer (my left knee just twitched a lot as I typed that last sentence). She wrote about how difficult it was to be his caregiver through it all and how the cancer centers need to be more aware and helpful with regard to caregivers.

Perhaps someone would listen to me if I said I was channeling wisdom from a higher being . . . but there is no hierarchy and we are all filled with wisdom. So here it goes.

I disagree and know that the horrific drugs and treatments people go through to treat cancer and other conditions are all completely archaic and it is time for it all to change. It is also time that we no longer accept the financial burdens of the treatments because it is all based in fear.

What people need to know is that with ease and grace an individual can heal from conditions they might think only can be helped by western medicine. It’s not about giving more care to caregivers. Go to the source within and recognize the very first time the trigger of the condition took place, it may have been many lifetimes ago or on a different dimension. Go there and be with it, listen to it, see it. communicate with it. What is it telling you? Pause, Integrate the learning, the KNOWING, and take action.

Why is it that we feel a need to punish ourselves and others with horrific western medicine? To inject poisons into our physical bodies? Torture ourselves? And then ask our loved ones to care for us? What we need to do is nurture and give ourselves loving kindness. And ask others to only surround us with loving kindness. Not fix us. Just love us.

In fact, all conditions can be prevented if we go back to before we were created and know we are divine light. Not superior to any other person, place or thing. For we are all here to coexist in harmonic cooperation and civility.

Thank you for reading this post.


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