Serendipitous History of Insurance Tariffs

Being alone with myself I ponder and transform into the essence of present truth. It changes from one moment to the next. Judging and analyzing and entertaining myself to no end. I rented an apartment for myself 9 months ago and in the gestation has been an exercise I could have never dreamed of other than the simple dream of peace.

There are benefits to aloneness and certain calamities. Thus the thought stream regarding insurance. Insurance capitalizes off of the human condition of fear. And with fear there comes anger and with anger there becomes violence, the paraphrased words from the movie “A Wrinkle in Time.” I believe it was Mrs. Which. Therefore does insurance feed fear? Or does it subdue fear? I suppose it goes both ways. I fear not having enough money to pay for my car, if it should be damaged beyond my current budget. The insurance covers the cost of the damage. I feel safe and protected.

But what if there was no such thing as insurance? The world would be a different place. If I did not have insurance to completely replace a $39,000 car, then a) I would drive carefully b) I might not seek to purchase a car beyond that which I could afford to replace c) The cost of vehicles would decrease, so that people would still buy them d) the cost of repairs would be lower so that people could afford to pay for repairs e) we would make more money so we could afford to pay for repairs and replacements as needed f) we would never damage ourselves or others.

Same goes with health insurance. Same concept as above. I know for a fact that organizations charge more for services knowing that insurance covers the cost. Again, if there was no insurance then the organizations would find ways to help people in an affordable manner. Fewer elective procedures would lead to self acceptance and living in the present moment. Less judgement.

And if there was no need for insurance. Then the insurance industry would not exist. So society would find other ways to accumulate wealth for themselves. Or not. Perhaps if there was no insurance, there would be less fear. Less fear = a sense of safety. And if there was a sense of safety, then there would be no need to accumulate wealth. Accumulating wealth is an insurance that we will always have enough for ourselves and others. If we recalled the truth that we are enough and will always have enough…what would the world be like? Would we know we are pure light? Would we know we are love, loved and loving?

And what is light? Do we even know what light is? Can we accept the truth that what we’ve been taught to believe is completely different from the truth? What if light is not what we think it is? What if it is not hope and love and kindness? What if we are not pure light? What if we are pure darkness? What if we are mucky, disgusting and vile darkness? What if we are a complete void? What if our attempts to fill the void is what brings suffering? And if we finally choose to be with the suffering, then the cosmos will collapse upon itself and disappear.









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