Grand Revelations Assure Continuous Ease

Anita Moorjani’s video yesterday resonated with my whole soul. It was all about focusing on living life. And I know, blah, blah, blah . . . we always hear those words or something similar. Focus on what you WANT. She talked about cancer and how before she had cancer and actually died from it (and then returned obviously), her entire life revolved around not getting cancer which of course had the opposite effect of what she wanted. She got cancer because that is what she was focusing on . . . eating, meditating, exercising, etc. all out of fear of getting cancer. And then she realized after dying and returning that what she needed to do was focus on living because cancer is a state of mind, a consciousness. She also mentioned how cancer research actually fuels more cancer because the focus is on cancer research and not on LIFE research.

That resonated with me so much. YES! That’s exactly what I do and have done for the past 13 years – focus on living. Every since I was given the “5 months to live” talk, I did just that – I took 5 months to figure out how to live! But the realization did not illuminate until just now because I was focusing on death and how I did not want to die. What I do, in fact, is focus on how to LIVE MY LIFE WITH EASE AND JOY.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

After watching Anita’s video, I immediately applied it to a project at the office which involves life insurance. I wrote a post to the team about how I love what we’re doing because we are evolving the industry by focusing on life instead of death. We are focusing on assurance instead of fear. This is a paradigm shift for the industry. We are doing it many ways, some of which includes scientific research that helps individuals realize their projected longevity through epigenetic markers. So if a person comes to the company and gets their longevity report which shows they are aging a little faster than they might like, they have an opportunity to change that trajectory by making lifestyle, environment and mindset shifts. It’s LIFE changing if the individual chooses. Of course there are always the unpredictable things that happen in life that would effect one’s family financially, but that’s what life insurance is for. To assure one’s family can ease through the transition of losing a loved one with a bit of financial support. Money is a form of energy and when it is a high frequency intention, it can be comforting. In this instance, if the life insurance policy was purchased out of love of one’s family (instead of fear) then if something does happen, the money will feel even more comforting to the family. This is a paradigm shift in the evolution of human kind. To purchase something out of love instead of fear. To purchase something in celebration of life instead of the other.

I did not post all of the paragraph above but a summary of it. I wasn’t looking for approval or applause, all I wanted to do was share the insight and the joy I find in what the organization is doing. A few people do resonate with the post yesterday which is a bonus and confirmation that I am on my path of ease and joy.

That was yesterday.

Today, in this moment, I apply Anita’s insights into living life into my own life. For YEARS I had this mantra about the number of hours I want to work and the amount of money I want to bring in to sustain and thrive. I could not figure out what I was doing wrong. Why was I working much, much more than what I wanted?


It was because I was focusing on work and not on fun, relaxation and a life of ease. So now my mantra is that I live a life of ease and joy every moment and I have enough financial resources to thrive. Every choice assures my essence and purpose which is to gracefully express myself as a being of light.

And so it is.


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