Speechless confirmation of light and love

Gratitude Medallions. Hand made art by Wendy Hurd

Many amazing things happened this week. Here is one that left me speechless: While volunteering time as a Reiki practitioner at the hospital, I stopped by one of the nursing stations. I introduced myself and asked if anyone could direct me to a patient that might be interested in energy therapy to help them relax. One nurse listed three names. I thanked her. And then the unexpected happened. An M.D. looked up from her computer and said in a very quiet voice, “I would like to request energy therapy for a patient as well.” I was speechless. What a wonderful confirmation of light and love!
Not that I am always looking for confirmation. But it sure is nice to get an unexpected boost. As the first Reiki volunteer at the hospital, I’ve spent the past year quietly introducing myself to nurses and patients. Learning so much from every interaction, every individual.
As a reflection, I look back and remember how I felt terrified walking down the halls, into the rooms. Wondering if what I was doing was something that would be embraced. Washing my hands over and over. As an extreme empath, I felt drained. But I found the way. After each session, I feel grateful to walk down to the meditation sanctuary of the hospital and walk the labyrinth for each patient. Breathing for them. Sending them light.
It has been an amazing and surprising journey. I now feel energized with every moment I am there. And feel incredibly grateful for every guiding moment. For every individual.
Every individual has the power within them. All they need is the reminder to relax and recall the power. All I do is show up.

Thank you from Wendy Hurd Creative.

Gratitude Medallions. Hand made art by Wendy Hurd


Original goodness. Each and every being is.

A friend of mine shared an inspirational and peaceful passage from Richard Rohr.

My favorites:

Beginning with the positive instead of a problem is the healthiest and most hopeful way to find wholeness.
We must now rebuild on a foundation of original goodness.  You must begin with yes.

The one thing I’d like to revise is: “The Earth itself is Christos, is Buddha, is Allah, is Gaia.” Revise it to: each and every being is.

About 6 years ago I went to Chicago thinking that I would find something better for my career, life, etc. I was on a tour with my husband and as we waiting in line for the tour to start, I took a photo of him sitting in the sun. I pulled the photo up later to share on social media and said something like, “sometimes happiness is right in front of you.” My husband is usually very content and happy. He falls asleep instantly and has an easy smile. I felt angry with his ease at times and would try my hardest to make him feel as miserable as I felt. It was one of my talents to spread misery to those around me.

I was always looking for harmony outward.  And if is wasn’t found, I would spread disharmony. Where can I escape to? What can I buy? More. More. More. What I really needed to do was look within. For less, less, less. This summer has been a continuation of my unplanned journey. The past year I had goals for relaxation, education, relationship, work and financial. One of the goals was to make a certain amount of money, an amount I thought I needed to survive. Well, life has brought me a greater gift. The gift of less. What it has done and what I am able to accept is less of everything. I used to travel here and there, plan dozens of trips. Take class after class after class. Take on project after project and get them finished in record time without pause. But now, I have fewer projects, less money coming in but I am fine. Just fine. Instead of rushing off to Lake Superior or registering for the next retreat or class, I borrow a book from the library and spend time on my back porch reading in peace. Feed my pets the most wonderful food. Play. Take long walks. And find ways to heal relationships.

Thank you so very, very much!

Enjoy the moment of original goodness.

Filling your karma bucket

Think about it. It’s fun, isn’t it? I heard the phrase, “I’m filling my karma bucket.” at an event in Omaha in February 2015 called, Startup Weekend. It stuck with me. And today recall with a smile as I read the book “How to uncover your past lives.” by Ted Andrews.

Evolving as a human reveals much. Books like this one are a joy. Filled with exercises and wisdom. Here are a few of my favorite passages:

The chakra system is adjusted and attuned to the physical glands and nervous system, as well as to levels of consciousness. The chakras mediate all energy coming into and going out of the body. They tie the subtle bodies to the physical so that integration of the true spiritual essence can occur.

Love it! Elegant and helps paint a beautiful portrait in my mind.

Here is another passage about parenting and birth:

And a woman who held a babe against her bosom said, “Speak to us of children.”

And he said:

“Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.

“They come through you but not from you, and they are with you yet they belong not to you.

“You may give them your love but not your thoughts, for they have their own thoughts.

“You may house their bodies but not their souls, for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dremas.

“You may strive to be like them, but seek not to make them like you, for life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.”

This is from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, copyright 1923 by Kahlil Gibran and renewed 1951 by Administrator C.T.A. of Kahlil Gibran estate and Mary G. Gibran.

Being a parent myself, I looked to books and media and other forms for guidance on how to best help my children grow into successful adults. On one extremely frustrating day, my son said to me, “stop reading the books.” He was in Junior High school then. Very wise advice.

Here is another good passage from the book “How to uncover your past lives.” by Ted Andrews:

The angelic hierarchy is just as real as we are, only without physical bodies. They have bodies of lighter substance that are mostly invisible to our self-limiting perceptions. We exist in a living universe, and most of the good we know–be it the beauty of nature, the gift of birth, or the wonders and blessings of life–we owe to these beings.

Humanity is smug. We like to believe that we are the highest form of life. We do have a divine spark but so do countless other life forms. And there are many more that express that divine spark much more radiantly and consistently than we do.

This year, I’ve been learning about earthly angels. The beings here on earth that bring light and love consistently. I wonder if earthly angels are simply “wannabees.” 🙂

Throughout the book, as mentioned above, are exercises. Each one helps to reveal truths originating in past lives. Relationship struggles and joys. Situations. Life path blocks. According to the author, some tie back to past lives. I did a few exercises this week and discovered a very comforting scenario that explains a lot about struggles in a current relationship.

“How to uncover your past lives.” by Ted Andrews. A wonderful book. Thank you, Ted, for sharing your gifts.


Slow down and be safe in the embrace.

LilyTiger Holistic Wellness and Graphic Design

Today my thoughts go to the topic of holistic wellness/integrative therapies/energy medicine and what the studies have revealed in my life. At first, the old self kicked in and thought, “Oh! This new knowledge is a wonderful business opportunity! This is something everyone needs!” But then as time goes on, the reality and un-reality has shifted. It’s not a business, it’s a way of being. It’s about helping one another.
It’s not about being the best. It’s about showing up every moment. Discovering. Recalling. Sharing.
The best part so far has been the amazing guides here on earth and elsewhere. Every moment notice the beauty. Feel it. See it. Sense it. Slow down and be safe in the embrace.
Look up and notice the sky painted. Look to the left and feel the bark of the tree. Look down and wait for the creature to move along. Pause.
Thank you.

Protect yourself, all you empaths!

Positive energy bubbles

Positive energy bubbles

I love most posts by Spirit Science and Metaphysics but like to revised the info to focus on positive actions and thoughts.


1. Feed positivity. Surround yourself with positive people and situations. Even if the situation is difficult, fill it with light and love.
2. Know how to take your power back with energy healing and detox.
3. Entrain and focus your mind. Pay attention to what IS WORKING and right in the world. Move towards the excitement.
4. Consciously choose your media and information. Be selective.
5. “See” areas where you can grow. Spend time with people who will help you by gently encouraging you and helping you develop.
6. Keep things vibrant and fresh. Get rid of things you no longer need in your physical and emotional spaces.
7. Be a lighthouse. Beam that light to everything around you and then turn it back on yourself! Show up in your true self with the light of who you are. Shine your bright brilliance. Emit yourself and literally experience your world change before your eyes!

Thank you again to everyone at the original blog site. Great work!


The gift of your name as a sacred symbol

I felt very honored and blessed to give a Sacred Healing Name Medallion to each individual that asked for energy work or a reading. Each individual’s name is a special gift and has the power to heal.

Here is an example of how one was made for Dennis.

1: A sacred geometry symbol is created using the letters of the first name.

Sacred geometry symbol for Dennis
Sacred geometry symbol for Dennis

2: The symbol is engraved onto a wooden disk. (about 1.5″ diameter)

3: A reading is done using the Sunshine Heart Wellness cards indicating the positive healing statements and Chakra colors

Sunshine Heart Wellness Cards created by Wendy Hurd Creatived
Sunshine Heart Chakra Cards identify positive “I AM” statements for energy balance. The chosen “I AM” statements are engraved on each medallion.

4: Color is added and the positive healing statements are engraved onto the medallion

5: The medallion is infused with the healing sound vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls, flutes and ocean waves.

Reiki energy healing medallion by LilyTiger
Sacred Healing Name Medallion with positive affirmations.

The positive statements for this medallion are “I TRUST MY INNER SELF” correlating to the Crown Chakra for a sense of connection to the higher self. And “I AM IN THE MOMENT” correlating to the Solar Plexus for a sense of power.

Each medallion is unique to each individual and moment. The healing colors and statements for this individual next time will be different.

Thank you for your time. Please contact Wendy with any questions. wendyhurdcreative@gmail.com

Sacred Name Healing Medallion
Sacred Name Healing Medallion
Creativity session card reading
Card reading example with medallion

I am safe because we are safe; we are safe because I am safe

I am because we are.

I am safe because we are safe.
I am peaceful because we are peaceful.
I am powerful because we are powerful.
I am loved because we are loved.
I am truthful because we are truthful.
I am wise because we are wise.
I am understanding because we are understanding.

I am because we are.


We are because I am.

We are safe because I am safe.
We are peaceful because I am peaceful.
We are powerful because I am powerful.
We are loved because I am loved.
We are truthful because I am truthful.
We are wise because I am wise.
We are understanding because I am understanding.

We are because I am.

The above poem was inspired by the Southern Africa philosophy. According to the Catholic Diocese of Zomba bishop Rt. Rev. Fr. Thomas Msusa, “The African worldview is about living as one family, belonging to God”.[18] Msusa noted that in Africa “We say ‘I am because we are’, or in Chichewa kali kokha nkanyama, tili awiri ntiwanthu (when you are on your own you are as good as an animal of the wild; when there are two of you, you form a community).”  There is also a book titled, “I am because we are. African wisdom in image and proverb” by Betty Press. And there is also a documentary film, “I am because we are” about children in Malawi Africa.

I know in my heart that we can all help one another.

I AM SAFE. Moving meditation.

LilyTiger Intuitive Reiki Energy Work and Graphic Design

I am safe. Moving meditation by Wendy Hurd of LilyTiger Wellness

I AM SAFE. Moving Meditation

Close your eyes. Breathe deeply.
Connect with a Divine Source.

Open your Crown Chakra by creating
a vision of white light pouring over you
like a gentle rain shower.

Repeat “I AM SAFE” three times.

With the pointer finger of each hand,
place your fingers on your 3rd Eye Chakra.

Slowly trace a heart around your face,
down your Throat Chakra and to your Heart Chakra.

Pause at your Heart Chakra.

With your hands now in prayer position, repeat “I AM SAFE” three more times.

Open your hands and move them to your Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Chakras.

Pause with an open hand on each hip, repeat “I AM SAFE” three more times.

Drop your hands toward your feet. Imagine yourself grounded to the solid earth.

With a vision of gold and silver light, bring your hands up around to above your head as if in a bubble.

End with your hands in front of your heart.

Thank you.

How the intuitive Chakra cards work

How the Intuitive Wellness Energy works

I have developed a simple and effective system which encourages an individual’s natural ability to thrive. The system involves intuition, identifying positive affirmations and Reiki energy.

NOTE: THIS PROCESS WAS DEVELOPED IN 2015 BUT HAS BEEN SINCE CHANGED. Wendy still provides readings using the cards but no longer creates the medallions unless it is a special circumstance.

Here is the story of Ima:

Meet Ima, a busy individual who wants to feel balanced and peaceful.

LilyTiger Wellness by Wendy Hurd, Reiki Master Practitioner

Ima discovers the LilyTiger Creative by Wendy. Ima works with Wendy who uses a set of cards to identify Chakras to be corrected. Each of the cards has a positive “I AM” statement which correlates to a specific Chakra. In the original process developed in 2015, Wendy created a Sacred Name Healing Medallion using the letters of Ima’s first name. Today, a medallion is created only for extremely special circumstances.

LilyTiger Wellness by Wendy Hurd, Reiki Master Practitioner

In this example, the two energy centers, the Crown Chakra and the Throat Chakra have been identified using Ima’s intuition and the cards. The cards are a very simple communication tool. Each card reveals a positive “I am . . . ” statement that corresponds to each Chakra’s purpose.

In the original process, color was added to the healing medallion. The healing medallion was also infused with sound vibrations and Reiki energy.

Wendy, the Reiki practitioner, channels healing Reiki energy to Ima’s energy fields and also provides insight and interpretation as needed. Ima focuses on the positive affirmations which activate the energy centers. The energy centers start to blend with each other. Working in harmony and helping Ima to feel better, more relaxed.

LilyTiger Wellness by Wendy Hurd, Reiki Master Practitioner

To help things move along with greater intensity, Ima repeats the positive statements daily.

The reading serves as a reminder.

LilyTiger Wellness by Wendy Hurd, Reiki Master Practitioner

All energy is connected to other energies on an infinite grid. Balanced energy connects with others and has an effect.

LilyTiger Wellness by Wendy Hurd, Reiki Master Practitioner

Thank you for your time. Please contact Wendy at wendyhurdcreative@gmail.com to set up a consultation.

Here is a link that proves thoughts effect physical matter:


Respecting and honoring intuition for business vision

Logo Design by Wendy Hurd

I had the honor of working with a group of individuals for 54 hours at Nebraska Startup Weekend on February 20-22 to launch a business.

Logo Design by Wendy Hurd
Logo design for startup “Gift Card Karma” an organization that connects people with unused gift cards with good causes.

Friday evening at 6pm the event begins. Over 50 people line up along the side of the room at Omaha Code School. Each one has 60 seconds to pitch their business concept. Nervous excitement electrifies the room. There are all ages. Age 18 through 60. Most everyone is from Nebraska with the few from Europe, Seattle, Minnesota and Georgia. All creative. All visionaries. All hard working.

Pitch number one: Terry from Omaha gets up and pitches his idea for a company that has created an gas-powered bicycle. And then it proceeds with everything from incredible wizard-like gadgets to common sense ideas intended to bring people together.

And yes, I pitched an idea. First time for me after participating in the event three other times over the past 5 years. Exhilarating.

I meet new people, having shown up only knowing the event organizer, Shane. I sit in the 3rd row wanting to be close to the speaker. A woman, about my age, sits next to me, introduces herself and we find ourselves in a row full of women which is unusual for the event. She has experience working with entrepreneurs so we have an interesting conversation. Usually the event is attended by mostly younger men. Not this time. And it feels balanced with gender, race, age and profession.

“Are you pitching?”  . . .

I pitch my idea somewhere at the tail-end of the line. I’ve rehearsed the pitch for a solid two days so I feel comfortable with the delivery. It goes ok. And then I sit down, shaking slightly from the adrenalin rush.

At the end of the pitching. All of the idea titles are written on large 18″ x 18″ post it notes that are placed up on the walls. Everyone in the audience is given 3 small post-its. We’re told “vote for your favorite ideas.” The top vote-getters will move forward, forming teams for the weekend and who will present Sunday afternoon for a panel of three judges.

I wander around with my notes, looking for my favorites. A few people approach me, “Tell me more about your concept.” I do. “I like your idea!” “I will definitely work on your concept if my idea doesn’t move forward.” “Thank you!” I exclaim. Feeling accomplished for having communicated my concept clearly enough for someone to express and interest.

I vote. But only for ideas where I would truly want to work on the team. If I feel it’s a good idea but don’t really sync with the visionary, then it won’t work.

The results are revealed. My idea did not receive enough votes to move forward . . . I am somewhat relieved. I look around and evaluate what to do next. Do I pick a team or do I retreat in defeat?

I decide to offer my assistance to Susan, who had expressed an interest in my concept. Her concept is “Gift Cards for Good” which donates unused gift card balances to good causes. She seems nice and someone I would enjoy helping. She has 2 people standing with her. “I’d like to help you with graphic design if you need it.” “Oh! Yes! Thank you!”

And then the most wonderful part of the weekend begins. Team “Gift Cards for Good” finds a spot and starts communicating. We figure out how to work with one another. It’s a good group. Open minded and supportive. Susan exclaims her joy of having an energy worker on the team. She feels it is something that will help everyone.

We talk until midnight! Yes! Until midnight. This is how much the event electrifies people with enough energy to keep things going. It’s amazing. I had driven over 7 hours to get to Omaha that day, checked into a hotel and then stay up until midnight with complete strangers, talking about starting a business. Wow.

Two things we were given to do Friday evening: identify the problem and the customer. Not as easy as it sounds. At first we had two customers.

11:55pm we depart with the promise to return in the morning. Susan remarks, “I hope you decide to come back!”

We gather Saturday morning. Everyone shows up at breakfast except the developer. I felt nervous but then he shows up with his big monitor and a backpack, all ready to work. Ha! As a group, we brainstorm a new name, something catchy and descriptive. Terry reveals his gift for naming companies. Wow! We decide on “Card Karma” for now.

We receive coaching advice a bit later that morning from the event organizer, Shane. “Go out there and interview your customers” but first we needto form the questions . . . tougher that you think. In order to get good info, we had to formulate good questions. We get coaching from Shane about empathy interviews. Ask, “When was the last time . . . ” and “Why” instead of “Would you?” We get coaching from Brian on identifying our customer and he teaches us about psychographics. It’s fascinating and I appreciate the time he spent listening to us.

I feel terrified approaching strangers to ask them questions. So, I hesitate and give myself the excuse, “Oh, I’m not really passionate about the project.” A safety coping mechanism.

My team inspires me with their courage and action. I’m impressed. Ivan recruits members from the other 15 teams over for us to talk to. Susan asks the questions. Terry asks questions. I take notes. I’m good at listening, it’s a strength, although I need to work on listening without judgement.

We break for lunch after I notice Terry’s energy completely shifts. “Oh, we have to get you something to eat.” “Yes.” He grumbles a little. We share the same quirks . . . feeling irritable when we’re hungry. So, we wait for Ivan to be interviewed and then we go downtown for lunch.

After lunch, we approach several groups of people with our questions, “When was the last time you had a gift card that you did not use?” and “Why didn’t you use it?” “What kinds of things have you done with your unused gift cards?” “We’ve heard of people who have re-gifted . . .”

The responses are all unique. I find myself enjoying the process thoroughly although still uncomfortable approaching strangers.

Note about Saturday: I left my computer in my car most of the day. I did not bring it in the building until Saturday late afternoon. I didn’t want to fall into the trap of designing a logo or a website immediately because those are not the most important parts of a business.

I had started the logo design Friday evening and again Saturday morning on paper. By Saturday afternoon after we’ve gathered information from our customers and have identified that the problem exists. Very important things before moving forward with a business.

Susan holds the vision for the business. It’s her vision. We are now co-holders of her vision. Very important roles we now have! I feel honored.

One of the things Susan shared was a graphic she had created a while back, it’s a color copy of paper dolls with a multiple gift cards behind the cut outs. It’s a concept. Too busy, I tell her, to be a logo but can definitely be used somewhere as an illustration. But I tell her, it is important to trust her intuition with the vision. It’s good to stick with the paper doll concept because it is obviously something that means a lot to her and illustrates the vision.

Very important note for everyone starting a business or a program or product . . . trust your gut. Trust your intuition. And find people who respect your vision. Find people who will help you clarify and strengthen your vision to move forward and evolve.

Just before supper is served, I work with Susan to do an intuitive wellness card reading for her. I appreciate her trust in me! Wow, to ask for and express interest in energy work in the middle of a busy environment is eye-opening. We find the only clear surface in the 2-floor open warehouse space for the card reading. The discussion of the cards is continued at another table. Susan finds it very meaningful and tells me, “oh, I’m going to cry.” with how the cards have revealed truths about her.

My role as an energy worker. Respect my client’s journey, trust my intuition and mostly encourage my clients to trust their intuition and know they have the ability to evolve.

My role as a graphic designer working on the logo: Listen. Brainstorm as needed. Communicate. Verify. Reflect. Ask questions. Repeat. And keep tweaking.

We work all day . . . 9am to about 8pm. I left abruptly after a late catered meal which has decided to upset my stomach. It’s ok, time to say good bye until Sunday morning.

Sunday morning things come together nicely. There is good energy in the group. Susan is a wonderful leader and has a very clear vision. She communicates very well. Even when she disagrees, she says it with strength and determination that I respect.

Terry says, “The name is very close to an existing company called ‘Credit Card Karma’ perhaps we should change it to ‘Gift Card Karma.'” Yes, we all agree it is better. Plus I like groups of three. The name change also shifts the energy around the project.

I continue work on the logo, and share it with the group now and then. They are all wonderful and trusting of my work. I want their feedback.

Here is the progression of the logo design. You’ll see by the end we discovered and enhanced the hearts and wanted to show more than two people holding hands.

Wendy Hurd logo development

I’d like to thank the Startup Weekend Nebraska event organizers, the sponsors and participants. I learned so much and enjoyed every minute.

A special thank you to Susan, Terry and Ivan, the Gift Card Karma team.